Why You Will Love Dukúr Coffee

Dukúr Coffee started at "El Murciélago", best known as Tibás, in San José Costa Rica after several ideas on how to bring to you the correct way to know about coffee and how to appreciate a good cup with premium quality coffee beans.

Its founders are two young enthusiastic baristas dedicated to their passion for the trade and the great taste of good coffee. The inception of Dukúr Coffee was guided by the knowledge and expertise of great friends the Star Cupper and Q Grader Sergio Astúa and the two times Costa Rica Barista Champion and Q Grader Ricardo Azofeifa.

Our production is done directly with farmers, so you will get coffee right from a Costa Rican farm to your home, there are no intermediaries involved so you can get the correct and fair price on your coffee.

A big part of our mission is to help the natural world. After all, if it wasn’t for rainforests, we would not be able to enjoy one of the world’s most precious drinks: coffee! So that’s why we have decided to make conservation a focal point of our mission by giving back to projects that are working hard to preserve wildlife and wild places!

As a part of our intention to grow, we have partnered with a grassroots coffee roaster in Nashville, Tennessee called TriStar Coffee Roasters! This small team is helping Dukúr Coffee guarantee that each bag purchased by our North American supporters, will get the best coffee there is! 

So come along, and join a coffee brand that does not just want to sell you a great cup of coffee, but also works to support local Costa Rican farmers, and their families and preserve the planet for generations to come!