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- Café de Costa Rica -

Our commitment is to present you a sample of the best coffees from the small coffee producers in Costa Rica, with the support from some of the best Baristas and Coffee Cuppers in the country.

Our Producers

We belive in the Direct and Fair Trade, we like to visit farms and tallk to the producers and develop a trustworthy relationship

La Isabella Coffee Farm

Max Salazar

On the way to Zarcero at the West Valley we can found La Isabela Coffee Farm, a special place for a special coffee, Don Claudio a very well known producer and his son Max Salazar a young inheritor of the production knowledge and a great enthusiast for a better coffee bring us two exeptional coffee varieties Geisha and our beloved Villalobos that is now back to our coffee selection, please joing us and try the great flavors from this amazing farm.

Community Brew