About Us

Dukúr Coffee started at "El Murciélago", best known as Tibás, in San José Costa Rica, after several ideas on how to bring to you the correct way to learn about coffee and how to appreciate a good cup with premium quality coffee beans.

Our interest in coffee led us to take a barista course in 2016 to learn more about this fabulous fruit from Costa Rica. The course opened our eyes and minds to a world we didn’t know, full of varieties, flavors, aromas, and stories.

We decided to buy our first quintal of green beans, roast it and sell it ourselves, knowing that we were competing with big brands.

 We have always felt a special connection with nature, and we are part of it as human beings. We wanted to create a product that would connect us with it and help preserve it, creating a better future for all. Dukúr was born there in BriBri, an indigenous Costa Rican dialect that means bat to honor the memory of those who once owned this region.

Nature conservation and helping others are at the center of our brand, which gave way to Community Brew, our way of giving back to others.

Over time producers and their families have become our friends. We want to honor their work by creating ethically sourced products that inspire a better place for everyone.

No joy can equal the pleasure of helping others