About us

Dukúr Coffee started at "El Murciélago", best known as Tibás, in San José Costa Rica after several ideas in how to bring to you the correct way to know about coffee and how to appreciate a good cup with premium quality coffee beans.
​We are two young enthusiastic baristas dedicated to their passion, the great taste of a good coffee, guided with the knowledge and expertise of a great friends the Star Cupper and Q Grader Sergio Astúa and the two times Costa Rica Barista Champion and Q Grader Ricardo Azofeifa.
Our work is being done directly with the producers so you will be getting the coffee right from the farm to your table no intermediaries are involved so you can get the correct and fair price on your coffee.
We do not want to be just a company that only sells coffee, we want to bring help to the producers and their families and to those who need a hand from us.